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About Us

About Us

About First Placement

First Placement is involved in Training and Placement of fresh Graduate talents as well as experienced ones focused in Engineering sector.

What is Corporate Recruitment Training Program.

Corporate wants to hire and retain the best possible talents in order to gain competitive edge over their rivals. During recruitment process, a company employs various selection tools to ensure that right person is hired for the right job. This quest to attain the perfect fit between a candidate and a job has magnified the importance of Corporate Recruitment Training Program. In this context, it is worthwhile to mention that the job-market today, is promising, especially for engineering graduates. This, surely, is an encouraging sign for all those who are from engineering backgrounds and who wish to take up jobs with companies like TCS, Infosys, Mahindra, Schlumberger etc.

Why us?

First Placement is a professionally managed company having over 15 years of experience in training and placements of fresh graduates. We be in close contact with the companies and take down even minute specifications of the profiles they have and the candidates. Then we train graduates on those lines. This results in high convergence ratio in placements as well as company gets trained staffs who starts producing results in lesser time.

Our Mission

"Guide students to Plan, Execute and Build Successful CAREER."

Our Expertise

We're a bunch of professionals who think and act continuously for student's career development. A team that isn't afraid to be creative when it comes to delivering systematically planned career development path for each of its student..

We have built our reputation by providing trainings to our students thus leading to their success with almost 100% placements.

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